La Tour Eiffel

Just two days ago I found myself soaking in the sun and enjoying the views of La Tour Eiffel from the Champ de Mars (clearly we weren’t the only ones with that idea). So it was wild to arrive home to Baltimore last night and get an email from a former classmate passing along the link to this article from the Baltimore Sun with claims that Baltimore had plans to purchase the large metal structure from France (for a “mere” $550,000) to re-erect in Clifton Park for Baltimore’s centennial in 1897. There is still some question of the validity of the purchase (that clearly never happened… and also was never reported in any Baltimore papers), but fascinating nonetheless to see how these two unlikely cities were almost tied. Get the whole scoop right here. {Thanks, Jon!}P.S. By some small miracle I already got my trip pictures posted. You can check out the edited bunch here, but I’ll be posting many of them along with tales in the coming days.


  • Boy,you’re fast with the photos! I was in Paris first week of May and haven’t posted much, not even on flickr! It’s probably because I tend to shoot in large format and have to resize everything to get it to flickr. And of course, I am a big procrastinator! Love your Paris photos!!! Angelina’s is such a sweet seduction!

  • Thanks, Jen! Trust me, I’m never this fast. I cheated this trip because I had my laptop with me and organized them on my 7 hour plane ride home. All I had to do was hit the upload to flickr button in iPhoto :)


  • Great photos Anne! The memories rush in looking at them, from the beauty of Paris to the wonderful tastes. The pastries look scrumptious and the weather looks like it was perfect. A wish if I may, “May the next visit to Paris be sooner then planned.”

  • I love parks in Paris- great pictures! Some of my favorite memories in Paris are from afternoons of hanging out in a park with a baguette, cheese and wine. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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