Road Trip Across America

After I came across this great interactive map of epic journeys around the world, I was quickly whisked back to memories of my family and the dog packed in our minivan and moving across country, twice. Needless to say those trips were intense at times – namely when the car lost power on the mountains of Colorado. Right now my friend Landon is on a cross-country roadtrip – via motorcycle – of his own. He’s currently on the first leg of his 3 week journey as he finds his way (permanently) to San Francisco. As a computer programmer he’s very tech savvy, so the entire voyage is documented with help of his iphone (GPS!), google maps, twitter, brightkite (like twitter with map locator), flickr (for photos) and blog posts (not to mention a solar powered battery charger to help everything run smoothly). He has some great posts about preparing for the trip from shipping goods across country (who knew Amtrak was the cheapest option) to the best ways to stay connected, not to mention adventures and encounters along the way. Click here to follow along on Landon’s adventures.

* Grandpa’s roadtrip in 1928


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