Soundscapes & Dordles

{click here for carousel soundscape}

Every Monday in my BOARDING PASS column, I’m constantly inspired by how people record their travels. One of the most influential people out there for me right now is Pia Jane Bijkerk. I especially love the soundscapes she’s captured in Paris and paired with her beautiful images (she’s a stylist afterall). There’s something about the still images with sound, rather than video, that really lets your imagination travel and feel like you’re there. My favorite of her soundscapes are the French cafe, in the park, the carousel, and a love song on the street, but you can find the entire series right here. Stay tuned for a Boarding Pass feature with Pia in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, check out this great interview with Pia about her new book, Paris: Made by Hand, which is a really insightful look into the design of Paris and putting the book together. Oh, and don’t forget to listen to the sounds!

{click here for cafe soundscape}

{click here for park soundscape}

Switching gears, but along the same lines, I also am a fan of Nik’s dordles. The two below are reflections of Shanghai, the city he currently calls home. It’s definitely a humorous spin on daily life. I always have grand plans to create new work after a trip, but Nik’s graphics definitely inspire me to actually do so. You can see more of his “doordles” here and his Boarding Pass feature here.


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