Going Dental

Over the weekend my adventures in conquering Baltimore’s lesser explored treasures continued, as my friend Bridget and I finally fulfilled our long awaited visit to the National Museum of Dentistry. Laugh if you will but here are the top 5 reasons it was awesome (and a major sleeper pick of things to do in B-more)!

5. You’ve never seen so much tooth/teeth paraphernalia in one place (including George Washington’s dentures and some pretty awesome finds in the gift shop).
4. You become part of the museum when you capture your smile.
3. There are exhibits on saliva and interactive drawers where you can smell bad breath.
2. Proof that narwhals are real and not mythical creatures. They just happen to have a really impressive left tooth!
1. You can dress up like a dentist! (even more fun than it looks!!!! I promise.)


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