Where the Wild Things Are

Is anyone else as excited as I am for Where the Wild Things Are? As a kid, the classic book by Maurice Sendak was always one of my favorites. After Max is sent to bed early for being mischievous, he enters this magical world – a good reminder that sometimes the best way to travel is through our imaginations.

The movie doesn’t come out until October 16th, but I’m already loving so much about it (especially the use of hand drawn type!). Check out all the other wonderfully creative “Wild Thing” inspired art that’s being created at Terrible Yellow Eyes [below]!
{top movie poster via cup of joe via where the wild things are; bottom image by matt dawson via terrible yellow eyes}

p.s. as a random aside, I’ve even been “lucky” enough to dress up as the “Wild Thing” (yes, that’s me in the costume, and yes, it was 90 degress outside that day!).


  • Yes I remember Max! There is no cinema here in belize (well. there is one. but its – ahem – a different kind of cinema, if you know what I mean) but I sometimes take road trips to Mexico just to go to the movies…..

  • there arnt too many people i know who remember the wild thing. But i remember having the books … and even though they had strange characters i vaguely remember being quite attached to them … the memories of my childhood made me very excited when i saw the trailer recently :))

  • I got all teary-eyed just watching the trailer…and is that Katherine Keener? I have a major crush on that woman — she rocks! I wish my little guy would come see this with me, but he’s even a bit afraid of the book, unfortunately, so I don’t think we’ll see this any time soon…

  • omg, i’m SO excited. i was hopping in my seat like a child when i saw the preview in the theater a couple of weeks ago. (it helps that the music is *perfect* in the trailer.) can’t wait!!

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