Adventures in the Big Apple

Highlight 1: The . Reminiscent of promenade plantee in Paris, the NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation has transformed this former elevated freight line into a wonderful park to be enjoyed by all. Section one is now open for wandering and lingering.
Highlight 2: Sitting and reading in Bryant Park like hoards of other New Yorkers.Highlight 3: Checking out the New York Public Library and encountering Mad Menesque visions.Highlight 4: The Brooklyn Flea. Pickles and so much more!Highlight 5: Graffiti alley in QueensHighlight 6: “Warm Up” @ MOMA’s PS-1. Every summer through MOMA’s Young Architect’s Program a new installation takes over the outdoor space. The every Saturday the space becomes extra alive with live music taking center stage. $10 to enter, beer is extra (but all worth it).
Inside the museum we loved the “pool” installation. And after 45 minutes checking everything out (love that it all happens in a former public school building), the dance party had really picked up outside [below].
Highlight 7: Adventures in Coney Island. No trip to Coney Island is complete without a ride on the rickety old Cyclone roller coaster, a walk along the boardwalk, a Nathan’s hotdog, and minor league adventures at a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game!
(This was for the game “shoot the freak,” but I went crazy for all the old school signage around Coney Island!)Who knew minor league games could be so fun!?! And extra great being so close to the action.(Note: go on a Sunday and you can run the bases after the game. Talk about the thrill – or laugh – of a lifetime, as exhibited here and here).
Other Highlights (not pictured): beer and clogged arteries at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden,dinner at Shiller’s Liquor Bar, lunch in the courtyard of Flatbush Farm.

Click here for all the adventures, or photographs at least.


  • I used to visit my grandfather in NY (Queens) in the summer when I was little. I always begged and pleaded and cried to go on the Cyclone and was never allowed. He said “Every year you hear about a car jumping the tracks! That thing is NOT SAFE. NO!” And it has been one of my dreams. I think I will try next time I’m there. And hope the car doesn’t jump the tracks…

  • don’t worry kristina, i’m not a big roller coaster person (this is probably my 5th or 6th one ever). especially compared to disney (but really any of them) this one is so old and rickety and you really do feel like you’re going to fall off the tracks. still it’s fun and i recommend a ride next time you’re in nyc :)


  • some great highlights here… I too really enjoyed visiting NY this summer…and loved the new Highline park too…it will be fantastic when it is fully completed….

  • Great photos Anne. The complete collection over at Flickr was nice. That new camera is working out beautiful. Glad you are getting is some US travel prior to France. (still jealous you will be studying in Paris)

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