Baltimore vs. Brooklyn

Whenever I go someplace new I love comparing to places I’ve already been. So I love the concept behind the new blog Baltimore vs. Brooklyn. It’s a fascinating way to look at any city you’ve spent significant time. The first duel is between bars. . . go Baltimore! (And kudos to the Brewer’s Art for being named the #1 Bar in America by Esquire magazine). {Thanks Phil and Megan!}

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  • This sounds great!

    When I first met my partner who is French, he always compared everthing to Dublin. I thought that was so strange. But it was one of the first cities he ever lived in (he grew up in a farm village of 250 people in France), so it was his first reference point for a big city. When he began comparing Paris to Dublin I said “Come on hon, you really cannot compare these two cities at all”. We laughed, and now everywhere we go, we compare it to Dublin.


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