Exciting Paris

I leave for Paris one week from today. Instead of freaking out I thought it would be fun to post some of the things I’m looking forward to most:

– Earlier this year there was an amazing story about American born Jim Hayes who has been inviting 50-60 strangers into his home for dinner every Sunday for the past 30 years. He’s a firm believer in introducing people to each other. I’m dying to sign up for one of his Sunday Salons!
Paris Plage – ok, so today is the last day of Paris’s “beach” in the center of the city, but still I had to put it on the list as something to look forward to next year. {image via velib blog}

La Grande Prairie at Bellevillois – a loft garden above Paris that is free and open nightly until midnight through mid-September

Velib – there are 20,000 bikes at locations literally all around the city. I’ve been practicing. {bike locations shown by purple dots on map above}

– Paris in the Movies – here is a great link to locations all around Paris that have shown up on the silver screen, or don’t miss this to channel your inner Julia Child

Born in the Streets – graffiti expo at the Fondation Cartier

– Sky-high dining at Art Home (above the Palais de Tokyo) {via budget travel, image by arthomepari/Flickr}

Please share any fun Paris tips below!


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