Human Centered Design

I’m now 3 days away from hopping the pond and preparing to start my next chapter in life. I will be working towards a Master’s in Global Communications from the heart of Paris. More than anything I look forward to starting so I can better explain to people what I do (or plan on doing). Going into it, the way I see the program is a bridge, taking my background in design (there’s a focus on advertising and branding) and blending it with my love of different cultures (I studied anthropology undergrad) and travels. It’s all tied together under the framework of communication (I’m good at that!) and globalization in our ever changing world. The final component is a practical one, involving direct work with NGOs. In my mind it all makes perfect sense, but my goal is to be able to better communicate exactly what it is soon enough.

I recently came across this Human-Centered Design Toolkit that was developed by IDEO with IDE and the Gates Foundation that for the time being will help articulate the path I see myself taking. With the toolkit, the goal is for organizations to use methodologies based around Hearing, Creating and Delivering ideas in creative ways to improve the lives of people. A simple concept, but the focus is on the people themselves and working with them to understand needs and desires rather than telling them what we think is best. Click here explore the site and download the complete toolkit, and here for more cool work cooked up by IDEO.


  • Anne, I am so excited for you…! It all sounds like it’s a pretty perfect fit for you – and you will soon be able to articulate your goals in more specific ways, as you start the program…. Wow. I guess hopefully we’ll get to live vicariously through your blog posts – from Paris, no less! Congratulations on this very exciting new chapter in life!

  • See! I tried to wait for you in Paris but I had to move back to Seoul! Ha!
    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! You’re going to love studying in Paris. I recommend it to everyone! It’s going to be an incredible two years (or more?)
    I’m looking into several programs here in Seoul (I love being back in this city), Master’s Programs.

    You can do anything that you set your mind to! Look at you! You’re off to Paris!

    Ciao ma belle!

    Felicia, This Time Now!

  • Wow!!! It’s so great to hear that everything is falling perfectly into place. Your move and transition back to student live is going to be amazing, and you will have so much more to contribute based on the “real-world” experiences.

    Good luck!!!

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