Water Ballet Recap

Every summer Fluid Movement puts on a one of a kind show in true Baltimore fashion. There’s music, dancing, singing, and oh yeah, it’s a water ballet. Pretty much the best way to describe it is summer camp for adults. In this year’s show, Strange Customs, the Flurry family shares their odyssey around the world. Above Ultra Charlotte (awesome hair, ay?) opens the show with a song. (*)

Dottie and daughter Misty pose at Customs.
The group is all volunteer based and puts in a lot of time and energy to pull of an amazing crowd. Here “Chip” and a milkmaid move a Russian gulag fence as Marilyn, the stilt walker heads over to the gala festivities. Just a typical day around the water ballet.
Meet the Russians. They’re trapped in a gulag for musical theater addicts.
While the Russians perform in the water, the ninjas hide in the back closet. We spent a lot of time bonding and building up our mad ninja skilz. On queue we sneak through the audience while they’re focused on the beautiful geisha. We make a few jump out of their seats.
In the Japan scene (that’s me) it’s ninjas vs. geisha in a battle over the Hello Kitty medallion that Dottie Flurry purchased in the Budhist Temple Gift Shop. The scene starts with a poorly dubbed interaction between Dottie, the Head Ninja and a geisha.
Once out of the water again, the battle for the Hello Kitty medallion continues. (You may recognize this scene from the Baltimore Sun article).
Then off to Liechtenstein for more adventures with Olympians, milkmaids and beer drinkers.

Helga and the glamazons prepare backstage.The family’s plane crashes, and they end up in the jungles of Peru face to face with bikini clad glamazons.Glamazons enter the water.(*)
Meanwhile, backstage the ninjas and geishas find peace and without fail every time perform their own version of the Glamazons who are currently in the water.
And for the grand finale, we’re all in the pool set to the GoGos. Vacation, it’s all I ever needed.(*)
And to celebrate Fluid Movement’s 10th anniversary, check out the awesome Octopus cake by Charm City Cakes (aka Ace of Cakes)! Hooray, Baltimore!
Click HERE for loads more behind the scenes images. (And I’ll be sure to post video as soon as it’s up).
(* photos by Felice!)


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