Rendezvous Paris

One of the things I love most about Paris is it becomes a meeting place for all. This morning I was lucky enough to have breakfast – croissant and chocolat chaud under the heat lamp of a Parisian cafe on Rue Montreuil – with the lovely and talented London based illustrator Trina Dalziel. It was such a treat to meet her in person and talk about design and life. Of key discussion was how busy life can become but it’s important to always take time each day for the things we live (as evidenced by her recent sketch of a cafe she visited).
Up next: Arkitip + Steven Harrington issue release and installations TONIGHT at the Palais de Tokyo.


  • Oh, Anne..! I am totally loving getting to live your life through little glimpses you share here and there… What a nice reminder to do the things we love and inspire us…! Having breakfast with a friend and talking about these things sounds pretty perfect in that sense, non?

    Looking forward to reading more…whenever that may be.


  • Anne!! So great. So jealous of your new adventures…it’s super fun to watch all your tweets and posts. I hope you’re soaking up all of it and having a blast. It seems like it!


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