The Prequel

So yesterday’s post of my epic Saturday really started out with a simple trip to the Jeu de Paume to see the Planete Parr exhibit before it closes on the 27th of September.

While the bulk of the exhibit was inside, I actually fell in love with the free portion of Martin Parr’s “Small World” exhibit just outside the Jeu de Paume at Place de la Concorde in the Tuilerie Gardens. His photographs shot over the past 20 years of were a fascinating look at tourists and tourism in our globalized world. Just as the subjects in the photographs tend to be more interested in the kicknacks and souvenirs of the world’s most popular sites, somehow the photographs themselves are way more interesting than the shots most people capture at these world sites.
I tried to recapture the photographs with my own look at tourists interacting with them. Can you say fanny pack?
Then it was the awesome chair I then snagged around the big pond in the Tuileries, not far from the museum. (Also proof of the heals I ran in from yesterday’s running in circles saga).
Everyone taking in the sun.
People everywhere.
Just another day at the park. (And then the rest of my day happened).


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