The Sweet Life in Paris

Today marks two weeks since I arrived in Paris. There hasn’t been a dull moment. French bureaucracy has kept me on my toes and running around in circles – literally. And if all the walking I do on a daily basis doesn’t kill me, the hike up my 5th floor (that’s 6th floor American style) is sure to keep me winded without fail. It feels like I’m part of some evil weight loss challenge on The Biggest Loser, despite the fact that I’m in bonne forme! There’s no need for me to lift weights anymore, because by the end of any given day, my bags probably weigh more than I do. I’d rather carry more than I can handle once, rather than dare taking the trip upstairs one extra time. And while my “quaint” and “charming” apartment (that’s code for 10m2!) is tres petite, it has everything I need, and in arms reach. (I bet you can’t reach your arm from your bed to the shower to the refrigerator!). The only thing I’m missing these days is internet access (hence the lack of posts). However, for the moment, that’s probably a good thing, because after the first week of class I’m still in complete denial about the insane amounts of work ahead of me. Still, there’s no place I’d rather spend my time in 10m2, as a frugal grad student, reading all the time, than in Paris. I’ve interviewed around and found my preferred crepe-man (he’s from Sri-Lanka and happy to let me practice my French on him), I love the woman at the boulangerie who wears so much make-up she’d put Dolly Parton to shame, I’m in awe that I’ve gone running around the Champ de Mars (my new backyard) twice this week now and both mornings have literally run into someone I know. La vie, c’est bon!

Speaking of the sweet life, I’m excited for David Lebovitz‘s – author of The Sweet Life in Parisbook event tomorrow. Hoping to pick up a tip or two about Paris when I’m there!

P.S. Lots of great Boarding Pass features soon to come. It’s just a matter of finding the time to upload them. In the meantime, check out the archives!


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