You Rock My World

Every since I first studied in Paris in 2001, I learned that Paris had a love affair with Michael Jackson. I quickly gained an affinity for his song “You Rock My World” which was the favorite of my hip-hop teacher. Despite the fact that he [my teacher] didn’t speak English, it didn’t keep him from loving the song week after week in class.

First off, the ode to MJ above, in the courtyard of the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum is made completely out of duct tape, which is impressive to say the least (at the bottom in sharpie it said “tapeography by Lagouette”). But nothing brings me more joy in the city than when I wander by the Champ de Mars and see this informal “troupe” of dancers who only dance to their favorite Michael Jackson hits. They actually seem to be there all the time with the same basic crew. But really, it’s the kid who couldn’t be more than 6-years-old that I really adore the most! He’s got some moves.
p.s. this was shot literally behind my apartment last week :)


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