Nuit Blanche

Little did I know when I went out last weekend, I’d be having my very own nuit blanche, or sleepless night. There’s nothing like dancing until 4am and then walking home halfway across Paris in 2 inch pumps (sure, I could have taken a cab, but I needed the exercise). Anyway, it was just a little dry run for this weekend which is the official Nuit Blanche, a city-wide event sponsored by the Mairie de Paris takes place from 7pm Saturday until 7am Sunday. Official (and unofficial) art and light installations take place around the city bringing out a little bit of everyone and anyone. And to join in the fun bars and restaurants stay open all night long too. This year’s festivities are centered around the Marais/Chatelet, the Latin Quarter/Luxembourg Gardens and Buttes-charmont. You can check out the maps below to start planning your route, or check out the website (the press-release and program are very helpful). Here‘s a nice piece by Meg Zimbeck to give you a flavor of the event.
P.S. Lots of other cities around the world are hosting their very own nuit blanche!


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