The World in Color

I’m currently taking a class on color as a tool for communication in marketing in art. We recently had to come up with a collection and structure, as well as naming system. I thought it would be fun to share what I came up with. You can click on the images below to enlarge and see the location for each. (Note: I feel like as I saved down the images “for web” they lost some of their color – any tips on how to avoid this in the future?)
Ultimately, I decided to base my naming system from images from Iceland. I pulled one image from each color palette, and I was happy with the resulting images. For me they were very reflective and indicative of my experience in Iceland – showcasing the mix of natural beauty, great design, and fun with color in a place one would least expect. The two naming systems were based on Iceland as a place (ie. tourism focus) and temperature.
P.S. For another inspired, unexpected way of viewing the world, don’t miss “Paris Pastries” by Susan Hochbaum. It compares French pastries to architectural and everyday elements around Paris. Truly inspired and incredible (just be patient and wait for the entire show)! {via LostNCheeseland}


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