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With all the time I’ve spent in France, I’ve spent far more time eating than cooking. The fact that my kitchen currently consists of two hot plates and a refrigerator doesn’t help anything either. But when given the invitation to my first cooking class I jumped on the opportunity. Who knew of all people, I’d be getting a lesson from a former photography teacher – Philippe Vermes – and his lovely wife Nancy. Our menu consisted of soupe au legumes, potatoes au gratin, sauteed mushrooms, tarte tatin and madeleines. And of course the best part about learning how to cook, is that someone has to eat it too! C’est si bon!

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  • Food has so much to do with appreciation of a different cultures. I hope you find time for many more cooking classes–the meal looked marvelous. I can see how Julia Child fell in love with French cooking. Bon Appétit!

  • I love taking cooking classes! So far I’ve only taken them in Asia, but I’d enjoy doing them elsewhere, too. And I like the idea of doing it socially. The other night we had some friends over for an evening of making pizza, and one of my friends, who doesn’t cook for herself, suggested we start doing classes more often. Could be a fun idea for a monthly gathering, perhaps… -X

  • I know how you feel about the small kitchen I had that set-up for seven years. These look yummy and the fun you all had comes through in the images. It has inspired me –just a tinge– to cook, even bake something omg lookout oven.

  • madelines are my true passion — the cross between cookie and cake, their gorgeous shape — they are truly sublime! Am I crazy or do you not have a contact email on your blog?

    Love your writing and easy-going question/answer interviews with so many inspiring travelers.


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