Kisses from Paris

Tonight on my ride home on the metro from hip-hop class I couldn’t help but feel like I was living inside this video. A few seats away from me a cute young couple in love is taking pictures on their camera phone. As with the characters in the video, it becomes an obsession, a way of remembering each moment. And then they make out – and as if they forgot what the other looks like in that process – and they take more pictures of each other. And then they make out, and the pictures continue. In the 10 stops we traveled together, they must have taken at least 50 pictures. It was sweet, but made me laugh too.

I absolutely adore the video entitled, “Kisses From Paris” by French actor-director Yvan Attal. According to Budget Travel, it was “commissioned by the Paris tourist board, the director had a goal: Shoot the less well-known parts of Paris, not the typical scenes by the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.” It got me from the opening scene where the characters are introduced, as the Palais de Tokyo is always a favorite place to take friends (with the added benefit that it’s a museum that is open until midnight). My only complaint with the video is that they could have cut down on the making out (seriously, sometimes I want to tell people to get a room here). But then again, given my scene I lived on the metro, it goes to show they really do show the real Paris. It is so French [said in English with a French accent].

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