Nomad Ink

Tyler Johnson from Nomad Ink from Leonardo Mercado on Vimeo.

From now until December 18th, my life enters a black hole time warp. I’ve never worked so hard in my life as I have this fall (trust me, that says a lot), but I’ve also never felt so rewarded as I do these days. Little pieces from every aspect of my life seem to be coming together, and it’s magical and inspiring. While massive papers, research, and projects may not sound like lots of fun, I’m having more fun than ever, and feeling like I’m exactly where I need to be these days. And while I’m living in the moment and letting spontaneity happen, I’m also always looking ahead and thinking about what’s next. Everyday I encounter something that inspires me. This week, Flavia and Tyler of Nomad Ink, who I “met” through a post I did on my blog several months back, sent me the link to an interview Tyler recently did for a conference in Argentina (the two are based in Curitiba, Brazil these days). I have plans to feature more from them and their work in “cross-cultural design” (so cool!). But for now, as someone with very little free time in their life, you have to trust me and watch the video :)

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