Paris: Man at Work

On Monday, while walking down the street – somewhere between Valentino and Escada – I came across this construction scene. Initially I was drawn to the giant elevator [below], as I laugh at how many people move into their 5th floor apartments (unlike myself who carried every bag up the 6 flights). But then I saw the man in the yellow hard hat and liked how it matched his shirt and stripe on his pant leg. Better yet, he says to me in French hey, are you going to take my picture? – which is how I’ve shot some of my favorite images over the years. Then I saw the baguette in his hand, and it became a priceless moment. Bien sur, I respond and luckily caught the shot above. Our exchange continues in French and he says hold on, how am I going to get this picture? He then disappears inside and re-emerges 30 seconds later with his email address scribbled on a piece of scrap paper. Before I leave, he tells me I’m lovely, which is always fun to hear from a Frenchman.


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