Mad About Mad Men

The first thing I did to celebrate the completion of my final papers and projects last month was to reward myself by downloading [itunes!] season 3 of Mad Men. Love. That. Show. And really I should have enjoyed a martini or scotch on the rocks to accompany it in the true spirit of the show, but instead I enjoyed mimosas. In the course of watching it, I was highly amused to see my friend Adam Rowe‘s – an art assistant for the show – name appear on the overhead projection when the London office presents the new office matrix. I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I saw this little insider tidbit (note: he apparently has an office too!). But today was the perfect way for me to ring in the new year over on design*sponge with a great interview Adam agreed to do with me all about the behind the scenes look at the sets and interiors. Although, even after the interview, I’m still convinced it’s a bit of magic, Adam did a great job giving insight into how the show all comes together. Check it out HERE!
After traveling back in time for this post, stay tuned for posts about my adventures in Cyprus starting tomorrow!
Thanks, Adam!! (That’s him coming out of his on set “office”).

{images via AMC}


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