My Big Fat Greek Christmas

Two years ago I made my way to Cyprus to attend my first ever big fat Greek wedding (awesome!!!). Due to the craziness of the wedding, I made the promise to return again. Now seemed like the time, and I had the excuse to meet the latest addition to the family – Constantinos! As a 10-month old, I felt like he and I were pretty much on the same level. We’d play all day, nap a lot, kind of understand people but not really, and give people blank stares when people asked us questions in Greek. Although, I must thank Constantinos – because of him and his toys (lots of repetition), I actually picked up some key words in Greek, which was quite rewarding. And much like him, I felt like I was fed every couple hours (food forthcoming)! Today is just a glimpse into my 2-weeks of Cypriot adventures.
{two images above: Nicosia, my home base}
{above and below: Machairas monastery}{mountain view from revolutionary Girgoris Afxentiou‘s hide out}
{beaches of Limassol}{mountain village of Kakopetria}
{above and 2 below: Pafos}


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