My Love Affair with Haloumi

If you think the holidays are all about eating, you haven’t been to Cyprus. I swear they eat like everyday is a holiday! It didn’t help that my friends were trying to make me try every possible Cypriot dish known to man. While I really didn’t encounter any food I disliked, one food stood out in my head – haloumi. Haloumi is a white cheese that makes this cool squeeky sound when you chew it when it’s fresh, but it can easily be grilled, serve as a filling for ravioli, or my personal favorite, as soup. So I share with you now, just a few of the million things that went into my mouth over the past two weeks. Other Cypriot food highlights included the fact that we regularly grilled dinner in the family room fireplace (yep, even haloumi) and my personal favorite was George’s self-rotating kebab grill in the backyard. Click HERE for the full photoset.
Not only did George build the house, but created the grill too!
A very typical meal. I ate this at least three times. (And even though we were often feeding large groups of people, there were always leftovers too).
I’m not sure what these desserts are called, but I like to call them “friend goodness.” After a day that started with picking up 3 giant pastries at the bakery (I was told I had to try them all, and I obeyed), a massive typical lunch (similar to the one pictured above) with 10+ family members, we had to pull over on the side of the road on the way home so I could try this! The good news is I think the oil kept my stomach from exploding.


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