Outsider Art : Paris

Hands down one of the things I miss most about living in Baltimore is the American Visionary Art Museum. It’s my favorite museum in the world for the mere fact that it’s anything but your typical museum, full of outsider art with amazing stories. Lucky for me, I’ve found two places in Paris to help fill my AVAM void. At the base of Sacre Coeur lies the French, more subtle version, of AVAM – Halle Saint Pierre. Then in the 10th, not far from Canal Saint Martin, one can find the charming little Galerie Impaire [translation: “the odd gallery”]. The gallery – an extension of Oakland, CA based Creative Growth – exhibits the artwork of artists with disabilities, self-taught artists and contemporary artists from around the world. Regularly new shows go up in Paris, with a celebratory opening “vernissage.” The newest show, Projects, opens tonight!

Galerie Impaire
47 rue de Lancry, Paris 75010
mercredi – samedi : 11h-19h | dimanche : 12h-17h


  • was so excited to find your blog! the american visionary art museum is amazing. actually, my husband and i had some of our art work at avam in 1995….our nature fairy treehouse. it was there for almost a year. we also had our little natural fairy furniture there, too, in their store. were you there then?? we were at avam for the grand opening and were so excited to have our art there.
    love your blog!!

  • hi anne,

    so glad you enjoyed your visit over in my space! i’ve never been to the american visionary art museum (though now it’s on my list). if you ever are in switzerland, check out the musee de l’art brut: http://www.artbrut.ch/ i went a few years ago and it was really incredible.



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