It’s been over a year now since I started doing Boarding Pass as a way to look at the creative way people travel and record their memories. So I thought it high time to look back and have everyone featured and put all the links in one place. Thank you to all my amazing participants so far!

Pia Jane Bijkerk

Janet Blyberg

Kristina Gill, editor of In The Kitchen With (d*s)

Lauren Kilberg of DoubleTakes

Monna McDiarmid

Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen

Natalie Schaefer of Random Inspiration

Victoria Smith of SF Girl by Bay

Marieke Berghuis Leewens

Chris Bettig of the Mountain Label

Conn Brattain

John Giordani

Daniel Gross of aNEW designs

Jennifer Hill Battilana

Anne Lee of Annamatic

Robert Hold of Mr. Peacock

Nidhi Malhotra

Christine Martinez of LAMA Designs

Patricia Naves

Meredith Norwood

Sam Reitmayer of style/SWOON

Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please

Tara Scheueman of Cracked Designs

Andrew Losowsky, author of Doorbells of Florence

Elisa Parhad, author of New Mexico: a guide for the Eyes

Kate Pocrass of Mundane Journeys

Gemma Correll

Eliza Jane Curtis of Morris & Essex

Nik Daum

Eleanor Grosch of Push Me Pull You

Tara Hogan of Ink & Wit

Amy Ruppel

Julie Summerbelle of Famille Summerbelle

Nate Williams

Felice Cleveland

Leela Cyd

Laura Frankstone

Margaret Vest

Jen Altman

Louis Vest

Landon Durnan

Kristine of Where is Kristine Now?

Wanwisa Posner

Xander Santillanes of Primitive Culture

Jamie Sinz

Wendy of Escape from New York

p.s. Who would you like to see featured in the next round of Boarding Pass??


  • February 8, 2010 at 5:44 pm // Reply

    Hi Anne,
    Great blog! Do you have a website of your design work? I enjoying seeing the work of all the artists/designers you highlight but I’d LOVE to see YOUR work too!

  • thanks for the comments and suggestions, ladies :) working on a next round now.

    morgan- my own work is a work in progress. as i create new pieces i’m proud of, i try to post them on the blog (ie. the amelie project). but a new online portfolio is def in my future…


  • I liked the questions you posed and it got me thinking about what I like to bring back – silly, but love the sugar cubes from France because everywhere you go you find them wrapped in wildly designed paper coverings.

  • I know I have said it before, but I will say it again…I love your blog and I especially love the Boarding Pass Posts. I remember about a year ago when I wandered onto your site and felt like it was the first blog I had come upon that amalgamated my passions of travel and design as well as you do.

    Well done you.

  • i am so honored to be under the best-of category. i had such fun thinking about your questions — thank you for including me and my travels.

    can’t wait for Paris.

    Although – -you must hop over to Istanbul at some point. It rocks!!!

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