J’irai Dormir Chez Vous [Maroc]

So there’s couch surfing and there’s reality tv, and then there’s Jirai Dormir Chez Vous. The French documentary series that literally translates to “I’m going to sleep at your home” features everyday Frenchman, Antoine de Maximy, with a good sense of humor as he travels the world and records his encounters with the people he meets. With three small cameras constantly attached to him (not overly obtrusive, and one so we always see his face) we travel along side him as he has mundane, yet engaging interactions, and eventually invites himself for a meal, and to sleep at their home. I was truly fascinated by this series (sorry, it’s all in French, but in other “episodes” he travels to English-speaking countries) and the dynamic of short term, yet meaningful encounters with the people he meets along the way. Most definitely a fresh look at travel, and has me quite excited to meet some Moroccans (and use my French) next month. {Thanks, Othmane!}

Click here to find out why Morocco was the favorite place he’s visited.


  • Oh wow! This show looks awesome! I shall give it a watch. I really enjoy French TV – it’s never overly stupid. When I was living in France I loved watching C a Vous – do you like it? The hostess is so switched on and I love that they cook a meal on the show.

  • I couchsurfed my way through Europe a few summers ago and kept thinking someone needed to document people doing this. Such incredible experiences. I would love this show (if I spoke French).

  • How cool..!

    I feel like blogging is a little bit like this…no? You have encounters with people you probably would have never have come in contact with otherwise…and sometimes it feels a little bit like you’ve come over for a meal, or a cup of tea… I guess not for a sleep over, but… I don’t know. I find the experience similar in that a lot of relationships are very meaningful. Perhaps not short-term, I guess… Sigh. I’m rambling. Sorry!

    I’m very intrigued by this, though. Thanks for sharing, Anne.


  • annabelle – no tv, so i’m totally lacking on my french tv influence. i used to love star academy (a real world + star academy hybrid if you ask me). but too much work this year for tv :) it’s so great to learn the language though!

    lauren- i’m a couch-surfing member, but still have yet to do it. one day…

    maria – yes, interesting point. i’m always interested in how different disciplines and media are put together in interesting ways. there’s definitely the people connection in both these cases :)


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