Getting Closer {Marrakesh}

The first day in the souks I’m not sure if we exude some virgin odor, or if it’s just the gaze of amazement on our faces, but the shop keepers sure know who you are and go straight in for the kill. By day two in the souks, not only am I getting lost less, but most people are leaving me to mind my own business (day one is a bit overwhelming unless you are “shooting from the hip” to distract yourself). Today too, I warmed up to being a better customer and photographer. I still cheated and used the zoom to be stealth, but feel like I’m getting closer to capturing the spirit of the people who live here.
Click HERE for Jour 2 photos (and here for all Maroc! photos).


  • You make me feel so guilty…you have done Day 2 of your trip and I still have not posted our trip of a month ago!! Of course you are doing this full time!


  • I just glanced at your images on flickr (cuz I’m supposed to be working :)P ) and every time I click one I say, “oooh, that’s my favorite”, until I click the next one and say the same thing!

    I would so die there in over-excitement with all of the textures and patterns. My favorite images so far are of Jardin Majorelle…the colors and the patterns, swoon! Beautiful Job, Anne.

    ~ Lizelly

  • Joy, joy, joy when looking at those photos! Such color…if only the US could be so colorful! Have you had the chance to speak to anyone about the use of colors in the shop displays? Is it a thought of thing or it’s just always been that way, this is how we do it mentality?

    Also, what does it smell like? Did Medina smell like the sea? Your Marrakesh food photos made me so hungry! I think I must travel here!

  • Shooting from the hip has saved me potentially awkward situations, particularly when people are involved. Takes a special kind of skill and stealth but worth the effort@

    I’m enjoying your photographic journey through Marrakesh :)

  • Glad you are all enjoying traveling vicariously through my pictures. It’s fun going through them every night :)

    Lola, I think the shop displays are really dictated by the colors of the merchandise. Also, once you spend a little time in the souks, everything starts too look the same.

    There are definitely smells, but nothing too overwhelming (every now and then some powerful exhaust from motos). Not too much fish because we’re not on the coast. But there are spices and medina smells for sure.


  • bargaining is a sport — you definitely got your bearings and stopped exuding your ‘virgin odor’… i know that feeling exactly, when they start leaving you be, isn’t it one of life’s great accomplishments!

    love following your travels here in Morocco…

  • Just catching up on all your Morocco posts now and absolutely love them!

    Did you see these couple we did on Marrakech? Thought you might like them:

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! Have you been to Syria? I think you’d loved Damascus and Aleppo too. I love Morocco but I prefer Syria because they have managed their tourism better and aren’t as jaded – it’s easier for travellers to have a more authentic experience in Syria in my opinion. It’s more challenging in Marrakech these days, although of course it’s possible.

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