Jema el Fna – taking it all in {Marrakesh}

After 6 days in the buzzing medina of Marrakesh, I have now made my way to the countryside to work on an exciting project. I still have a slight crick in my neck from all there was to see and take in. Every time I looked up I noticed something new. The main square, Jema el Fna is like a 24-hour theatre where you don’t need tickets to enter, although, trust me, with everything happening there are untraditional “entrance fees” that revolve around snake charmers, scruffy looking monkeys, henna, storytelling, fresh squeezed OJ, dried dates, and fishing for soda bottles. There is never a dull moment.
But it was the morning I got up early to catch the bus to Essaouira that really struck me. I took the same route out of the maze of the medina as usual, but this time, at 7am, life was much calmer. I looked up, stopped in my tracks and for the first time noticed the Atlas mountains in the background. It’s funny what you can miss when you don’t know to look.
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