Shooting from the Hip {Marrakesh}

Greetings from Marrakesh! It’s like no place I’ve ever been, dynamic and wonderful in all its mystery. The medina/souks is a giant maze designed to confuse tourists and get locals a quick buck (I’m determined they’re the only way you can get out!). Shops of every kind line the narrow streets as the cast of characters surround you. I wanted to capture every moment, but the camera suddenly changed the scene (and added demands for money). So to share with you the “truest” scenes I could, I didn’t look through my camera for a single one of these shots. As my camera was down at my hips, I would pause for a second, angle the camera in some direction I hoped would get something and gaze up at something else (there was plenty to look at). It became a fun challenge to see how good my eye-less skills were. But by little I’m learning the “system,” practicing my French with the locals and figuring out my way to get to know the Moroccans. Soon I hope to be looking through the lens again.
(this guy is an example of the kind of vendor I’m not buying from!)

Lots more pictures from Jour 1 of my travels HERE!


  • I’m amazed that you already have photos & thoughts about Morocco after one day — and that your first day was in the Medina. I was basically dizzy for the first 36 hours and was in no shape to process any of what I was taking in.
    Also good thinking with the hip-shots as a way around the awkwardness & drama of snapping pictures.
    It’s really amazing to see what was going on today on streets & scenes that I recognize (well, specifically the first photo).
    Thank you!

  • Very cool, unfortunately, the closest I have ever gotten to Marrakesh is the Morocco pavilion at Disneyworld. I guess I get to live vicariously.

  • Ah… I’m green with envy! :) Would love to travel Marocco with you know! I just looooove Eastern bazaars, I was in Istanbul last fall and I fell in love with Arabic designs (especially the colorful lamps!). The hip shots are a great idea! A truly new perspective :) Have fun and post a lot! x

  • thanks for all the amazing comments! what a fun surprise to wake up to this morning! i’m falling behind on my comments/responses, but just wanted to let you all know i very much appreciate your kind words!


  • Gee, wearing a color…so it is easy to tell that your are NOT in Paris now…guess you return to black when you return. LOVED the blues…and your matching style.

    Thanks for the pics

  • I want to be where you are!
    Your pictures turned out really nice. They bring a type of interest you don’t necessarily find looking through the few-finder.

    Lemmie come next time, mmk? ^_^
    haha. have funnnn. Can’t wait for the next update.

  • yey…you’re in Marrakesh already!! Great ‘from-the-hip’ pix, if you hadn’t mentioned it I wouldn’t have noticed.

    Love that you’re mom posted a comment, the closest I got my mom to my blog was to see the link I sent her in her ‘once-a-week-checking’ email. :)

    ~ Lizelly

  • Sigh…I really miss Marrakech. A year later, and I still have a ton of photos to share on my blog from that trip! I miss shopping in the souks as well! I hope you brought an extra suitcase, as I’m sure you did!!

    Are you planning on meeting some Marrakech bloggers, like Maryam Montague of My Marrakech?

  • Ha! I’m not sure what makes you say that about that last vendor…? ;)

    And these pictures are great – especially since you weren’t even looking through the viewfinder..! (I would have never guessed had you told us!)


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