Easter = Pâques

Easter (Les Pâques), is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays in France. Basically French boulangeries and chocolate shops see it as an opportunity to outdo themselves and create a menagerie (literally, any animal beyond a chicken) of magnificent chocolate creations. But one thing I have yet to see in France are Peeps – marshmellow sugariness in unnatural colors shaped in the form of bunnies. Yes, that seems to remain distinctly American. Year after year, the Washington Post Peeps Contest is one of my highlights of the season. I mean, what adult doesn’t need the excuse to make a diorama again? The photo above is a scene created by a dear friend (who prefers to stay anonymous) called “Jersey S’Mores.” Unfortunately, it didn’t make it as one of the finalists, but I found it worthy of a little media attention. Check out the gallery of finalists here.


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