Go Geocaching!

Since today is Memorial Day in the US, I hope that most of you are out and about and not sitting behind a computer reading this. But if you’re still looking something to do today, I have the perfect solution – go geocaching! It’s a hi-tech treasure hunt that takes place around the world using a GPS device to find hidden caches. I downloaded the app on my iPhone, but you can use any number of GPS devices based on the cache locations on the official website. Each cache has a map to navigate, description, hint, and even photos that may provide clues to the final location. However, I must warn you, I’ve now attempted it three times (once in Baltimore and twice in Paris), and have yet to find an actual cache, but my friends have lots of laughs and adventure nonetheless – and we’re still determined to keep trying!

Will be back tomorrow with a fabulous new Boarding Pass!


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