Best of Both Worlds {Paris}

Wandering the streets of Paris last night during Fete de la Musique, a celebration of music around the city (and Europe now), I was reminded of one my favorite things about living here – the communal spirit that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds be it for sport or art (there’s an appreciation for both!). Last night, on my way to meet friends for dinner, every corner I turned I hear a new beat and sound, with acts in the street and music bursting from bars and restaurants. Like Nuit Blanche in October, Fete de la Musique gives Parisians a great excuse to get out, explore the city, and likely have a bit too much to drink. And while I don’t find the French particularly athletic when it comes to gym going, and especially at the pool, they, like all Europeans they LOVE their sports – they do make great fans (except when they lose). Every night before I go to bed can hear the roars of crowds watching the game on the jumbotron at Trocadero. Whether it for the love of sport or art, what I’ve learned is that it’s often best not to have a plan at all, but see where the night takes you – you may even find yourself having dinner with good friends, watching the game, while listening to music from Ghana playing in the street as people dance by.
{FIFA Fan Fest at Trocadero, broadcasting games live day and night, while enjoying a view of La Tour Eiffel – typically packed with people}
{Group of teenagers rock out in front of Saint Eustache last night}
{spectators watch Roland Garros – aka the French Open – at Hotel de Ville last month}


  • Oh you’ve nailed Europe on the head. That was the one thing I adored about it and wished that my own country had- the music.
    I think having people playing music on the streets, in restaurants and in alley ways is what makes a city come to life with culture.
    I will forever remember how happy it made me hearing different music in every new city I visited in Italy.

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