Extra Baggage

Thoroughly inspired by Grace’s recent “luggage roundup” combined with posters in the metro advertising 40% off luggage (seriously, I learn so much about what’s happening in Paris from riding the metro, but this was the best tip in awhile), yesterday was the day where I took travel to the next level and bought a suitcase – well, 3 of them! – for the first time in 11 years. I was in need of a medium sized suitcase to hold my life for a month and a half of travel this summer, so first I went and got the medium lulu-castagnette in green polka dots. Realizing what a good deal it was – combined with how awesomely easy having 4 wheels on a suitcase makes getting around the metro – I returned a few hours later for the big one and carry-on. I’m quite pleased with my investments, and am even more excited to incorporate them into the design of my new apartment this fall (Paris apartments are so small that it’s the only way to do it – my current suitcase lives under a very stylish table cloth!). Click here for lots more ideas for stylish luggage on D*S!


  • Those are pretty great! And it looks like you’ll have little need for those red ribbons people seem to like to tie on their black suitcases. :)

  • I bought a Bric’s suitcase like that in January for a similar price. I LOVE IT because the wheels move freely in ALL FOUR directions. I don’t mind checking it in (too big for carry-on), it’s ABS so it’s rigid enough to protect the stuff inside but not too rigid to be heavy.

    I llooovvveeeeee it.

    It doesn’t expand like yours tho.


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