i AMsterdam

After an amazing weekend in Amsterdam I’ve decided I definitely could live in that city. Who knows what my future holds, but I sure love the architecture, water (I could row again!), fashion (functional – for biking – yet stylish), fantastic design, a great local vibe, friendly people, a melange of languages being spoken at all times. I could go on and on…

{World Cup fever}
{great vintage eye glass shop that Joyce and Andres took me on during our tour}
{modern design at Moooi}
{the colorful world of Kitsch Kitchen}
{draw the pirate girl during the ABC Urban Arts Festival}
{soaking in the sun and beers with new friends}


{more great shops – RESTORED (lots of Dutch designs) and the One Day Shop – an office store front that takes on different faces on the weekend for designers who want to set up a temporary shop}

{picnics in the park! it was packed! tons of bikes, people, grills, sunbathers}
{dining along the canal}

Click HERE for more pictures from my trip.


  • Beautiful pics, Anne!

    I always like to see other’s peoples photos of Amsterdam, to see what they find interesting about this city.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Amsterdam is such a lovely city, it’s one of my personal favourites. I am lucky enough to live in the Netherlands and only a short train ride from this amazing city – if living in Amsterdam is anything like where I am, I’d highly recommend it! Really friendly people and I’ve found the Dutch approach to life (especially all the bike riding) is really healthy. Happy travels!

  • I’m insanely jealous of your trip to Amsterdam! But a good jealous way, of course ;) I wish to visit the city at some point as well. If my whole job search doesn’t work soon, I will try to get into school there one way or another. I sort of feel like the city is really calling me, plus for some strange reason now I want to learn Dutch!


    P.S. nice photos and descriptions.

  • I’m really enjoying your blog, living vicariously thru your lens now for about 8 months or so. ^_^

    I had no idea Amsterdam was so bike crazy. If only we could be more like that in the U.S. of course it wouldn’t work in the country where i live (Arkansas), the distances one has to travel to just get into town kibboshes that idea.

    I’ve traveled in 46 of the 50 states and been slightly across the borders into Mexico and Canada, but never had the opportunity or finances to go abroad, so your blog is a godsend for a set-at-home wishful thinking traveler like me.

    Cheers, later & enjoy your freedom!

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