Inspired by Iceland

Inspired by Iceland from Scandinavian Travel Services on Vimeo.

Thanks for all the great suggestions for Sarah & Bruce’s honeymoon (I think we actually be making it harder rather than easier for them!). That being said, my top suggestion for them is ICELAND! Granted, its reputation may be covered in ash right now, but it’s a naturally gorgeous country, topped off by an amazing design scene that even manages to make neon cool again. As people who like music and design, I think I’d also suggest they go during Iceland Airwaves [Oct 13-17, 2010], an awesomely alive music festival where music happens in museums and lots of alternative venues. I was only there for 24 hours – thanks to Iceland Air‘s affordable flights and free stop-overs – but instantly fell in love with the place. And I definitely need to go back to test out the Blue Lagoon. Check out the tourism video above – AMAZING! and possibly the best tourism video ever – and soon you’ll be in love too!

P.S. Check back later today for another idea for their trip. And a chance for you to win a trip too!

{video via gentry}


  • Great idea! I’m biased, though. I am getting married in a couple weeks and we are honeymooning in Iceland. It’s going to be the greatest! I am so excited to hike around and take some long day trips. We’re going whitewater rafting!

    It’s going to be gorgeous. WOOO!

  • Argh, now I really want to go THERE, too! After a video like that, how could I not want to go there? Kate, you’ll have to fill us in after your honeymoon. Thanks for the suggestions, Anne! All this brainstorming is fun!

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