Normandy {in the rain}

Of course today I woke up to sun streaming through my window, but that was anything but the case yesterday as my class ventured to Normandy for the day. However, it was a good reminder to never let weather deter you, and sometimes it adds to the experience (and adventure). We were visiting the D-Day sites to continue to look at the ideas of memory, history and monuments. Something in the fog and rain made the whole experience a bit more eerie, surreal, and . . . memorable.
The above images are from the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, just off Omaha Beach (there are great views to the sea when the wind and rain isn’t blowing your umbrella inside out). I highly recommend the visitor’s center there (my favorite exhibition regarding the events).
We had started our day with a trip to Le Memorial in Caen and drove to see a couple landing beaches.


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