Norway. Your Way.

I’ve never been to Norway, but after watching this video, I’m ready to go – or rather, get creative and win a trip. Even better, I love that it’s not your typical travel competition, or trip for that matter. Check out the info below that Patrick sent my way, and there’s more info on the official site:

For the competition we’re looking for people to submit Norway inspired content: it could be a video, poem, picture or even a recipe! Anything that has been inspired by Norway and then the top five people will be sent on a 10 day trip around Norway. During the trip, they will undertake a number of activities, which could be anything from working with a local school, through to abseiling, sailing etc all the time blogging, tweeting and uploading pictures from their adventures around Norway. As the trip happens we’re going to be asking the people of Norway to recommend a bar, restaurant, piece of coast etc and that will determine the route of the trip.

Note: I think it’s really fascinating the way that tourism campaigns are integrating experience and visitor’s stories. There’s a similar idea with Iceland. Seems to be the new trend. At least both these countries are doing a great job with it!


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