Last week I was lucky enough to be in attendance for the launch party for an exciting new website called Paris By Mouth, a resource of great Paris eats and tips by the leading foodies in the city. Led by Meg Zimbeck, it was a great event that took place at Spring Boutique, a charming little wine shop with tastings at 52 Rue de l’Arbre Sec in the 1st arrdondisement. I had a lovely time chatting with David Lebovitz and Julie of Foreign Parts, an insightful blog about her Paris likes and dislikes {that’s us above*}. Anyway, the event was inspiring, and made me want to put together a little list of some new Paris resources.
Recently the city of PARIS relaunched its website. The design is a huge improvement, and it’s an incredible resource to the city from a more local angle. My favorite are the interactive maps marking the city pools, markets, velib [bikes], wi-fi sites, etc. Click here to explore the English version.
As you know, I’m not a big fan of tours and tourguides, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting alternatives. Professional photographer Jean-Paul Lefret offers Paris Photo Tours
where you not only get to see an interesting side of the city, but also pick up a thing our two about photography {image from Willy Ronis Tour}.
In a similar spirit, Parisien Salon is starting to offer their own private tours and workshops in cooking, photography, style and much more. Check it out at P.S. Prive.

* top image via Paris By Mouth; photographer: Nicolas Calcott

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