Treasure Hunting {Paris}

While I’ve had a ton of fun geocaching around the city, I can’t claim to having a lot of success actually finding the caches. So perhaps it’s a sign it’s time for me to return to old school treasure hunting. On July 3rd, the City Halls of Paris host La Chasse aux Tresors, or a Treasures of Paris, a free treasure hunting event around Paris. The event was created five years ago to encourage locals and tourists alike as “unique way to discover the city, its secrets and its inhabitants. The treasure hunters will also get a feel for the authentic heart of Paris: meeting shop keepers, craftsmen and artists or discovering little-known places like hidden gardens, narrow streets and secret passages.” The event starts at 10am and ends at 3:30pm, and great prizes will be awarded, including entrance into a special concert. You can learn more about the event as featured in the New York Times here and register your team here (clues are available in both French and English)! Happy hunting.


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