Urban Solitude {Just Doodle}

{Since I am on this trip by myself I am going to treat my bike like my travel companion. This means you will see lots of pictures of my bike as if it were a person. via Kate Bingaman-Burt}

The art of traveling alone has become a subject of recent fascination for me. While I travel alone more often than not these days, there is usually someone or something waiting on the other side. It was interesting talking to Kate over the weekend – where we met up in Amsterdam – and seeing her pictures where she ended up taking pictures of her bike as if it were her travel companion. We both experienced Amsterdam in a disconnected fashion, turning off our iPhones (namely for fear of horrific charges). For Kate that meant sketching more, and for me it meant I had no excuse not to do my class readings. Still, it’s interesting to think how a single shift in our typical routines can affect how we experience the world around us. I must say, it was quite refreshing. Oh, to imagine how people ever met up before cell phones existed…

This month GOOD ponders a similar issue looking at the topic of “Urban Solitude” through their Doodles Project which asks people to create a doodle that tells your story of finding solitude in the city. Submissions are due July 2nd for this theme – click here for more info.

{images via GOOD here and here}


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