From Senegal to Paris

When I get an idea into my head I’m pretty good at sticking with it and making it happen. Last summer when I saw the Youssou N’Dour documentary I Bring What I Love, I vowed that one day I would go to one of his concerts. Little did I know it would happen a year later, and in Paris. For a few hours I felt like I had traveled to Senegal where I was in a sea of happy – and highly fashionable – people. The energy was contagious and you couldn’t help but want to dance. My favorite song, 7 Seconds, is in the video below, but the real highlight was the 10 year old wearing a suit just down the row from us who brought his own “microphone” to sing and MC the entire concert. I was so tempted to ask for his autograph, as I foresee him making it big one day. He was such a ham (look for him at the end of the video).

{concert at Bercy}


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