Urban Explorers

While in Amsterdam last weekend I saw this bike seat cover for the Urban Explorers Festival. The website (which is primarily in Dutch) describes the festival as exploring “the off-limits of what is socially acceptable are being examined and new paths are vigorously entered. The outcome from fading boundaries between sound art, performances, films, (pop) music, theatre and dance is a fascinating crossover. Urban expeditions to unexpected places with unanticipated acts link the programme. ” Definitely sounds intriguing, and I love that only way I know about it is from an eye catching bike seat cover!
I’m continually fascinated by alternative festivals and creative ways to explore the city. I wish I was going to be in Amsterdam again July 6,8 &9th for the Mediamatic MapFest: Mapping for Change (pictured above). But at least I’ll be keeping busy this weekend with a map of my own on the Paris Treasure Hunt.

Know of any other interesting urban festivals?

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