On Holiday

The month of August in Paris is a peculiar one. It often feels like a ghost town rather the the bustling and vibrant city it usually is. Streets are dotted with signs like these announcing the closure of stores for the month. But there is no reason to get mad or frustrated by a “fermeture” because everyone does it. It’s what the French do during the month of August – the go on holiday (and if you come visit during August you will have no problem finding a great apartment to rent). Hence my disappearance. I too was on holiday, although working for a French family. I quickly realized that like it or not, I too was going to be forced to disconnect a bit and learn a thing or two about taking holiday and what having 5-9 weeks of vacation a year feels like! In the coming days I’ll be doing my best to share snippets of my adventures in Brittany, the south of France, and back to Brittany and the realizations of how American I am, in the process of becoming more French.


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