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I must thank Susan Hutchinson of Fleurishing for all her patience. After my unexpected absence from the world of internet for 2 months, I’m excited to be back with a fresh round of Boarding Pass, exploring how people travel. Susan was also kind enough to feature me on her blog this summer, which you can check out here. {thanks, Susan!}.
last trip taken:
My husband and I had a beautiful vacation in Vermont last fall. There is nothing like New England in the fall. We happened to catch peak foliage time, and it was just gorgeous. We took day trips, picked apples, and listened to 40’s music the entire time. It was dreamy.
next trip on deck:
Lake Winnipesaukee NH, where I spent much time as a child-it is dear to my heart. Then Germany & France in October…going to trace my roots in western Germany and Alsace, drive the route de vin, visit family, then 5 days in Paris, the perfect ending.
one place you would go back to again and again:
Paris, or anywhere in France…
place you’d most likely recommend a friend go visit:
Internationally, the Loire Valley. My brother lives there and it is absolutely my favorite region of France. Stateside, New Orleans. I love it there-the music, food, culture…and of course the francophile factor…it’s an incredible city.
preferred method of transportation:
Flying, even though it gives me major anxiety. After takeoff (and ok, maybe a few drinks), the clouds part and I’m in awe. I have always wanted to travel by train though, the old fashioned way, like the Orient Express. When in a city, I walk or take a taxi. I have a mild phobia of underground metros/subways, plus I enjoy conversing with the drivers.
place you’ve never been but dying to go:
Too many! Italy, Austria, Ireland, Argentina, Portugal, Napa Valley…I could go on and on!
place you’d never go back:
I really enjoyed the Bahamas, but not the Atlantis resort. I am not one for touristy, Vegas-like, huge hotels or places. I prefer quieter, more unique places. I sought that out and found some lovely places in Nassau…you just have to get off the beaten path.

most memorable trip in 2 sentences or less:
My first trip to France-meeting my (half) brother and niece after so many years of corresponding was one of the happiest days of my life. Not to mention finally getting to see Paris!
how do you prepare for a trip?
Meticulously. Obsessively. I do extensive research. I love to plan and make itineraries, although I plan for blank space too…for getting lost and having an authentic experience. I check the weather constantly so I have the right gear with me, and I get the suitcase out about 2 weeks prior in excitement!
how do you record your travels when you’re traveling?
I keep a travel journal, a new one for each trip. I take time to journal my experiences as they are happening. And of course, photography-photos so often say much more than words can.
what is your favorite thing to photograph in a new place?
History, interiors, architecture…small and large, famous and unknown.
on an average, how many pictures to you take on a trip?
Based on my iphoto albums…anywhere from 600-1000.
what’s in your “designer travel kit” ?
Nikon D5000 (new-can’t wait to capture Europe with it!) and a Charing Cross journal.

what do you do after a trip? how long after a trip does this happen?
Now that I am a blogger, I will be doing that right away! I manage my iphoto albums meticulously, and eventually I scrapbook-but not in the way you might think when you hear that word. ;)
favorite souvenir/thing to bring back?
Ephemera, food when possible, hotel extras…(we all take them, right?)

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