Nuit Blanche 2010

Every year I eagerly look forward to the first Saturday in October which sets the stage for Nuit Blanche. On this “white night” the city doesn’t sleep, and art installations take over the town. While the city provides you with more information than you could ever need HERE, I’ve finally learned to cut any expectations and just go with the flow, pack a bottle of wine (and bottle opener of course) and see where the night takes me. This year zones are broken down into “east,” “west,” “central,” and “nomadic” with maps online, and also a trusty iPhone app to help plan your itinerary. This Saturday there’s also the added twist of a transit strike (we’ve had our fair share of strikes already this fall, but I feel so much more French these days being affected by them).
{click maps to enlarge or download from the official site}


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