Les Portes Ouvertes {Montreuil}

After coming across this fantastic Top 10 Paris post by Tory Hoen, I’m even more determined to dig deeper into Paris and get off the beaten track. Montreuil is a Paris suburb to the west connected by metro line 9. Today I met up with Lily for an adventure in a new ‘hood and take advantage of the creative side of the city through their Portes Ouvertes [open doors/studios]. The Arts Factory opened their doors with great deals by their artists where I went crazy for the prints by IsaPocket and various other illustrators. Then it was off to the former factory, Usine Chapal which is home to Atelier LZC (dangerously good prices in their showroom), Leonor Mataillet (whose mixed media travel photographs I was completely inspired by, yet also works in ceramics) and loads of others. The city of Montreuil put together a great guide (downloadable here) of all the spaces open this weekend (through Monday). Stop by if you can, or visit these talented artists on the web.
{from the program: one of the many sub-neighborhoods participating in the Portes Ouverts this weekend}

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