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These days I like to blame my relative blog silence on working on my thesis. I must admit, it’s still getting more think time than actual work time, but this video – The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare – is a fun look at some of the ideas I’m exploring in my paper. The thesis is loosely titled The Visual Rhetoic of Tourism in the Age of New Media, case study: Morocco. I’m really interested in the visual language used to create/brand places, looking at ideas like the tourist gaze and how they are affected by digital media, the ways in which narrative is created and how places are consumed. The Sandpit is less about branding place, but I love the idea of looking at New York in miniature form, where the hectic city becomes peaceful through the music and lenses used. I’m also intrigued by the fact that it is a very different look compared to your typical postcards/posters/book shots, yet is still so distinctly New York. {Thanks, Kyle!}


  • Your thesis sounds so interesting! I love the idea of examining how places are branded and consumed, how some cities develop strong mythologies, while others fail to do so, even though they may have interesting stories to tell.

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