Going Places {OpenIDEO}

You may remember this post I wrote about my disillusionment I experienced in Morocco (namely I couldn’t believe that whenever I asked someone for directions on the street, they expected to be paid) and this post I wrote about OpenIDEO, a new platform for sharing ideas to make the world better. Well, I decided to put the two together and created a new “inspiration” on OpenIDEO whose current challenge asks the question: What global challenge do you think innovation leaders should work to solve right now? My latest response asks how tourism can be used to empower local communities, while at the same time helping to improve visitor experience (come on, let’s move past mass tours on big buses). Check out the post here, and please share your thoughts, inspirations and examples that can be used throughout the process (its amazing how themes emerge and ideas are built upon).

P.S. Other ideas I’ve been exploring are how to reduce hunger by reducing waste, third generation humanitarian aid, and cross-cultural collaboration through design. The challenge is still in the inspiration phase. Click here to see all 70+ inspirations, and think about how you can contribute or add your own.

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