How We Travel {for People}

As much as I travel, I’m always amazed how each trip I take takes on a life of its own. Most recently, I was able to fit in 8 cities – Boston (MA), Salem (NH), New York (NY), Philly (PA), Wilmington (DE), Baltimore (MD), Washington (DC), and Alexandria (VA) – into 15 days, via 3 train rides (and a couple car trips), attending 2 weddings (was in one) and managing to see 65 friends/family in the process.

The goal was never to conquer the entire Eastern seaboard, but with weddings in Salem and Wilmington anchoring both weekends, and the need to see my family at the end of the line, it only made sense to take advantage of everything, or rather, everyone in between. The good news in seeing people in between meant that I had a free place to stay (and I was quickly reminded that apartments that are 12m2 don’t so much exist in America, so even with a couch I was in heaven). I didn’t take the count until I was on the train from Baltimore to DC, and I started to realize how out of control (in the best way possible) this visit had become. 65, and it could have been more. It was weird to think, for once, I took a trip and I didn’t try to see or do anything, except to see people.

What inspires your travels? Do you choose location by people to see? Things to do? Something you read/saw?

{Take off pattern by Julia Rothman}


  • Generally in my family, we travel to places for my parents work, or depending on need. We lived in Rwanda because we were living at a hospital… the same in South Africa, I guess…. But I haven’t travelled that much in the US

  • I’m inspired first and foremost by photos. If a destination gets me dreaming, I’ve got to go. All it takes is one interesting picture to get me wanting to see a place. That’s how I “discovered” Camogli (Italy), Kotor (Montenegro), and other delightful places that I hope to return to.

    After making friends in a given destination, it’s always nice to go back and see people in addition to the place. But for me, places always come first and dictate my desire to travel.

  • Bronwyn – sounds like a fascinating upbringing! I think we traveled to places my parents had known and experienced when I was younger. My dad would travel a lot for work (frequent flyer miles for the rest of us!!), and would always bring back a souvenir. I don’t know that I would have had a trip like this had I not grown up and known all the cities I was visiting this trip.

    Risamay – Funny. I think my return to studenthood has changed the way I travel again. I feel more limited to traveling where I know people (which I would do anyway), to save money on housing. The dream location sadly seem out of budget, even if it isn’t that expensive. Maybe as I return to the working world, that will change. And I used to never return places (except Paris), but I think I’m turning a leaf on that. I’ve been to Cyprus twice now, with 2 totally different experiences, so it is fun to go back and compare.


  • I’ll take any reason to travel – as long as the reason is inspiring! It can be a person, place, or event. As long as it I have a good feeling about it, my bags are packed :)

  • I agree with the comment above mine…I’ll find ANY reason to go ANYWHERE, I just want to see it all!

    Recently I took a trip where I chose three European cities that had specific art I wanted to see, and so art (museums, galleries, exhibitions, souvenirs) was the only thing I’d let myself spend money on while I hopped from Brussels to Amsterdam to Vienna. That was quite a lovely trip and I’d love to travel for art again if I ever have the chance.

  • Josephine & Travelgirl – I agree, I don’t really ever need an excuse to travel.

    TG- I had a friend in my study abroad program who saw her semester in Paris as an “art pilgrimage” and devoted her weekend travels to art around Europe. Themes are definitely fun.


  • I prefer to live in a different country and then use that as a base for travel – but I am a boomerang traveller – ie I always have to return every so often for a London fix before I branch off somewhere else – it makes me feel grounded before the next big trip…

  • i’ve done heaps and heaps of traveling in my 20’s so far. and it’s usually been a big mish-mash.
    where i’m curious about most,
    where i know people,
    where is cheapest (southeast asia, hello.)

    but i’ve been back to south africa five times now, so i’d say the biggest decider of my travels is where my heart is. and it’s in, and probably will remain, in africa.


    p.s. LOVE the photo!

  • I recently received in my inbox a great deal for a resort in Bhutan. I’ve had a lot of interest lately in cities that are relatively untouched by modern civilization. As welcoming as I find Starbuck’s or Subway after a rough few weeks of travel, I don’t think it compares to finding a spot of earth that feels undiscovered and untarnished by our almost imposing globalization.

  • I love a good recommendation from people that know me. I work internationally so am surrounded by people that travel all over the world. A cheap flight and a couch to crash on never hurts though!

  • I live far away from family, so normally I travel to the same spot, to see them. But recently I started working for travel mags and have decided to visit the places that I design magazines for. On the list for 2011 are the Cayman Islands, Riviera Maya and Jamaica. And I’ll still manage to see the fam. High five for lots of vacation days and a company that encourages time off!

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