Live Like a Local. Go to a {Greek} wedding.

Going to a wedding is always a cultural reflection; it’s even more so when you travel half-way around the world to attend one. Weddings in Cyprus are quite a production as an all day – and night – affair, leaving ample time to get to know the cast of characters involved. And as the only American representative at this particular wedding, they got to know me too (particularly by the time for the dance floor).

In attending the wedding as a good friend of the bride, it meant that she was too busy with wedding stuff to feel the need to tour me around in typical tourist fashion. The perks? How often do you get to spend time sipping frappes in a local hair salon, or snack on specialty Greek wedding treats? And a hamam experience is always fabulous, but its way better when you experience it with 10 new friends.

My home for the week in Cyprus was on the floor of the bride’s mother’s TV room (who can’t believe I just wrote that), which I would have not changed. I woke up in the mornings, and everything – literally – was Greek to me. Before I knew it I was shuffled into the cousin’s apartment across the hall and was force fed amazing foods. There was so much going on that no one had to worry or fuss about me – instead, even though we didn’t always speak the same language, I became part of the family.

{Photo – During the ceremony. Those aren’t the lights of god, but part of the paparazzi-worthy recording of the memories of the day).

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